Freedom for woman in context of Independence Day 2017

Freedom.... a word associated in our life's in many ways..... the most prominent thought is are we free in the real sense.... know the question arises what is the real sense?... well If you ask me my area of concern would be freedom for women...yes today in this century are women free from the boundation and boundaries that are created by the society.. and that they create for themselves... am not being a feminist out here but let's cater to the generalised problems that we all face.. A girl is expected to be the juggler she picks up on roles the juggler increases ...imagine a real juggler in front of you, while juggling if he ain't able to handle the things he just opts out of one or two to perform better now imagine a girl doing it .. she ain't spared by the society ... why so ? If we are free isn't that her choice . This is just one small part of the greater issues that flow in the society, if the pages are unfolded there are many tales we could pick. Travelling at night , going to a pub, having a drink alone, wearing her own choice of clothes, living life on her terms all are an issue that questions are women free ? Freedom doesn't mean to mangile it but handle it with care who decides this line ....and who lays the rule..what is rule n what is freedom...its a never ending debate..for what I fell is right is not right for you...or vicea versa We all are a part of the society...lets relookout freedom on this Independence Day. Lets all be free from with in our souls to create a better place to live.