Amita Sharma Webmedia Pledged Sankalp Se Siddhi (New India Movement 2017-2022)

New India Pledge Let us together pledge for a New India, I did, you also can, remember to enter referral code CUNZVM

In 1942 our freedom fighters had taken a pledge of 'Quit India' and in 1947 that pledge came true and India achieved it's Independence.

Come, let us together pledge for building a New India by 2022
Let us together pledge that by 2022 we build a New India

Let us all strive in spirit and soul to accomplish this pledge for building a New India.

It is my strong aspiration & fervent desire to witness a New India which helps unleash the full potential of all citizens.

Just as our freedom fighters started the Quit India movement in 1942 & India achieved independence in 1947, I take a Sankalp in 2017 to strive towards building a New India in 2022. I, hereby take a solemn pledge to work wholeheartedly towards the creation of a New India.