Know Culture of Serbs Live in New Delhi National Museum: Exhibition Event

Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade has brought Culture of Serbs Exhibition at India's National Museum Janpath, New Delhi, India, The news article is surely going to make you expert in Culture of Serbs

Exhibition ‘Textiles & Decoration in Culture of Serbs in 19th and First Half of 20th Centuries’ Begins in National Museum 

The exhibition has been curated by Dr Mirjana Menković, Director and Ms Marina Cvetkovic, Curator, Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade and Ms Anju Sachdeva,  Curator and Ms Abira Bhattacharya, Co- Curator of National Museum, New Delhi.

Amasr Act, Inscriptions and Museum Stuff Digitalization Saving Culture for Generations

Scheme for Financial Assistance for Digitisation of Museum Collections 

Museum collections are being digitised by various museums under the Scheme for Financial Assistance for Digitisation of Museum Collections. Under the Scheme, the Government has so far provided financial assistance to 18 museums. No proposal is pending with the Government for grant of financial assistance under the scheme. 

How many Indian Cultural Centres are functional Abroad?

Complete list of Cultural Centres with name and location -

ICCR has 36 Indian Cultural Centres and one Sub-Centre (list attached).  ICCR has plans to establish new Indian Cultural Centres in Washington and Paris.  For these new Centres, the properties are being renovated for establishing Centres.